Meeting Photos

2023 Meeting in Providence – Anchors Aweigh


2022 Meeting in Grand Rapids – Rockin’ Through the Ages


2021 Meeting in Louisville

2019 Meeting in Charlotte

2018 Meeting in Chicago

2017 Meeting in San Diego






2016 Meeting in Philadelphia




From the 2015 Meeting in AtlantaDSCN3857 DSCN3721 DSCN3729 DSCN3774 DSCN3806 DSCN3778 DSCN3755 DSCN3783


DSCN00012 DSCN09901rDSCN0001DSCN0001rDSCN000901DSCN002301r

2013 in Houston

                                                                                                     And———————————-Who shot JR?

From the 2012 Meeting in Los Angeles

From the 2011 Meeting in Atlanta

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