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New Members 2024

Kathleen Hoag

Nominators: Beth Warning and Suzanne Butch

Phyllis Ingram

Nominators: Miles Tompkins and Ally Storla

Melissa Kasper

Nominators: Miles Tompkins and Cynthia Koffman

Alese Thompson

Nominators: John Koenig and Candice Barker

New Members 2023

Elizabeth “Lisa” Bakken

Nominated by Tamona Fox and Barbara Snyderman

Alexandra “Ali” Nussbaum

Nominated by Pat TIlle and Miles Tompkins

Leah Narans

New Members 2022

Brandy Gunsolus 

Nominated by Elissa Passiment, Nadine Fydryszewski and Lindsey Davenport Landry

Stephanie Jacobson

Nominated y Perry Scanlon and Miles Tompkins

Leslie Martineau

Nominated by Maddie Josephs and Lisa Hockstein

Romana Fox

nominated by Ginger Weeden and Chloe Scott

Floyd Josephat

nominated by Hassan Aziz and Deb Rodahl

Melanie Guisti

nominated by Karrie Hovis, Nicholas Moore and Cheryl Caskey

New Members 2021

Stacey Robinson

nominated by Cathy Otto and Linda Smith

Miles Tompkins

nominated by Cheryl Caskey and Karen Griffin

Ian Wallace

nominated by Stephanie Mihane and Charlie Francen

New Members 2020

Candice Barker

nominated by John Koenig and Renee Setina

April Harkins

nominated by Susan Stalewski and Cindy Koffman

Susan Iddings

nominated by Donna Spannaus-Martin and Janice Conway-Klaassen

Shannon Jongeward

nominated by Debra Rodahl and Cynthia Johnson

Stephanie Mabry

nominated by Kristina Martin and Andrea Hickey

Claude Rector

nominated by Perry Scanlan and Pat Tille

Charlotte Romain

nominated by Cynthia Johnson and Janice Conway-Klaassen

 Hillary “Ally” Storla

nominated by Kyle Riding and Andrea Hickey

Stacy Walz

nominated by Debra Rodahl and Cathy Otto


New Member 2019

Nicholas Moore (IL)

Nomonators: Kim Von Ahsen & Demetra “Toula” Castillo

New Members 2018

Maddie Josephs (RI)

Nominators: Kathleen Finnegan, Lisa Hochstein

Kristina Martin (MI)

Nominators: Suzanne Butch and Kathy Doig

Susan Stalewski (WI)

Nominators: Norine Janzen and Cynthia Koffman

Karen Golemboski (KY)

Nominators: Catherine Otto and Susan Morris

AMTF Annual Meeting Program 2018

2018 New Member Application

2017 Dues/Donation Form

2017 Meeting Program

New Members 2017

Shannon Billings (AK)

Nominators: Elizabeth Kenimer-Leibach and Dave McGlasson

Demetra Castillo (SC)

Nominators: Kyle Riding and  Yas Simonian

Joanna Ellis (TX)

Nominators: Rodney Rhode and David Falleur

Brandy Greenhills (TX)

Nominators: Rodney Rohde and David Falleur

Karrie Hovis (LA)

Nominators: Elissa Passiment and Cheryl Caskey

Cynthia Koffman (WI)

Nominators: Paty Tille and Stacie Lansink

Maddie Joseph (RI)

Nominators: Kathleen Finnegan and Lisa Hochstein

Joshua Pulido (CA)

Nominators: George Fritzma and Yas Simonian

Renee Wilkinns (MS)

Nominators: Cheryl Drennan and Mabel Jane Hudson

Marcella Yee (HI)

Nominators: Sheri Gon and Lynne Ramirez

2017 Meeting Program


2016 Annual Meeting Program

Annual Meeting Program 2015

New Members 2015

Michelle Butina

nominated by Elizabeth Kenimer-Leibach, and Hassan Aziz

Lacey Campbell

nominated by Susie Zanto and Barbara Snyderman

Joni Gilstrap

nominated by Susie Zanto and Debra Shell

Andrea Hickey

nominated by Suzanne Butch and William Hunt

Cary Loveland

nominated by Lynn Williams and Roslyn McQueen

Stephanie Mihane

nominated by Barbara Brown and Lenora “Charlie” Francen

Perry Scanlan

nominated by Bunny Rodak and Suzanne Campbell

David Thrash

nominated by Scott Aikey and William Hunt

Kin Von Ahsen

nominated by Kyle Riding and Renee Setina

AMTF Annual Meeting Program 2014 

New Members 2014

David Falleur, San Marcos, TX  

Nominated by Rodney Rodhe and Debbie Faubion

(Khaldee) Lindsey Davenport-Landry, North Liberty, Iowa

Nominated by Renee Setina and Kyle Riding

Mary Muslow, Shreveport, Louisiana

Nominated by Angela Foley and Norma Bivona

Rebecca Rogers, Memphis, TN

Nominated by Lynn Ingram and JR Constance

 New Members 2013

Cathy Robinson – Alexandria LA

Nominated by Cheryl Caskey and George Roberts

 Edward Peterson, Jr. -St. Peters MO

Nominated by Nadine Fydryszewski and Elissa Passiment

 Evelyn Dunn Weaver – Gulfport MS

Nominated by Jane Hudson and Hassan Aziz

 Frank Scarano – New Bedford MA

Nominated by Dorothy Bergeron and Kyle Riding

 Linda Goossen – Grand Rapids MI

Nominated by Roslyn McQueen and Lynne Williams

 Peter Hu – Houston TX

Nominated by Rodney Rohde and Becky See

 Sherry Miner – Rochester IL

Nominated by Elissa Passiment and Joan Polancic

 Stacy Baker – Galloway OH

Nominated by Kathy Waller and Cathy Shaffner

 New Members 2012

Lisa AndersonDurham, NC 

    nominated by Shirlyn McKenzie and Dan Southern

Kathleen Finnegan – Calverton, NY

    nominated by Lisa Hochstein and Carol Golyski

Linda Hickok Belle Plaine KS

    nominated by Suzanne Butch and Bill Hunt

Barbara Kraj – Martinez,  GA 

    nominated by Elizabeth Leibach and Barbara Russell

Lester Pretlow Martinez GA

    nominated by Elizabeth Leibach and Barbara Russell

Rodney Rohde – Kyle, TX    

    nominated by Linda Smith and Duncan Samo

Renee Setina – Springfield, MO

    nominated by Tim Randolph and John Koenig

Holly Weinberg – Eagle, ID

    nominated by Debra Shell and Susan Morris

John Wentz – Duncanville TX, 

   nominated by Rebecca See and Karen Chandler

  New Members 2011

Suzanne CampbellForgan, OR

Nominators: Paula Garrott and George Fritzma

Karen ChandlerMcAllen, TX

Nominators: Lynda Britton and Cheryl Caskey

Terri JanIrmo, SC

Nominators: Dan Southern and George Fritzma

Teresa NadderRichmond, VA

Nominators: Rebecca Perdue, Bernie Bekken and Randall Vandevander

Anne Ranne  – Dacula, GA

Nominators: Elizabeth Leibach and Shirlyn McKenzie

Kyle RidingMedford, MA

Nominators: Suszan LeClair and Jim Griffith

Barbara RussellGrovetown, GA

Nominators: Elizabeth Leibach and Shirlyn McKenzie

Catherine ShaffnerPerrysburg, OH

Nominators: Kathy Waller and Bernadette Rodak

Patricia TilleSioux Falls, SD

Nominators: Pam Kieffer and Lezlee Koch

Beth WarningIndependence, KY

Nominators: Linda Gorman and J.R. Constance

New Members of Alpha Mu Tau 2010

Hassan AzizSavannah, GA

Nominated by:Dan Southern and George Fritsma

Linda FellOmaha, NE

Nominated by:Elissa Passiment and Susan Morris

Carol GolyskiNorth Tonawanda, NY

Nominated by:Dyan Monte Verde and Beverly Price DeNard

Wendy MillerAurora, IL

Nominated by:Paula Garrott and GilmaRoncancio-Weemer

Sally PestanaHonolulu, HI

Nominated by:Marcia Armstrong and Susan LeClair

Becky SeeScottsdale, AZ

Nominated by:Linda A. Smithand Duncan F. Samo